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"My favorite diner in Kingston. Great for breakfast or a late night meal. Their Texas Burger is unbeatable. Definitely worth I try if you ever end up here. They even have a decent selection of alcoholic beverages."


"I live in Kingston and have been going to this diner almost once a week for either breakfast, lunch or dinner for the last 3 years. The service has always been amazing, the food is always delicious and the owner has always been kind and courteous!"


"King’s Diner is definitely one my favorite diners. I once had a Chicken Cordon Bleu that I thought was great. This time I had Chocolate Chip Pancakes with extra chocolate chips, and usually when I say that at restaurants they only put a tiny bit more inside, but not this time. There must have been more chocolate chips than pancake batter, which is just how I like my pancakes. YUM. Good job King’s Valley Diner."